Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David Maisel lecture at Annenberg

Copyright David Maisel

I'll admit it, the programing at the new Annenberg Space for Photography has seemed quite lackluster to me since it's inception and quite safe. I guess I was hoping for something more avant-garde. I suppose this was to be expected. Ryan McGinley's show at the Whitney back in 2003 is the last time I can think of a major museum going out on a limb and proclaiming a photographer worthwhile. Actually, MOMA should be excluded from that statement with its New Photography series, even though they aren't solo shows. John Szarkowski, the current round of curators ain't, preferring to play it safe and take their cues from the big galleries or in Annenberg's case, from National Geographic and Sports Illustrated.

That being said, there is finally a lecture there I'd like to attend happening on Thursday, May 20th. David Maisel will be presenting his aerial work, including his negative images of Los Angeles. You'll have to jump online tomorrow morning at 9:30 when additional tickets are released for registration here.

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Andrew said...

The Annenberg perpetuates LA photography as a celebrity-oriented, publicist-pushed, already rich and powerful bill of goods. They don't care about this city. They care about serving the corporate powers. That is why they are located in Century City. That says it all.