Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Editions

So Roger Ballen has an photo out today over at 20x200. It is being offered in the following editions:

Edition of 500 each $50

Edition of 250 each $100

Edition of 50 each $500

Edition of 25 each $1000

Now, I'm a big fan of Roger's and I'd love to own a print but here's the thing:

First, they aren't signed. Yes, I know they give you a separate certificate that's signed and numbered but the print itself isn't actually signed plus, it's an edition of 500! Now, that doesn't exactly sound like a collectors item at 8"x10" to me.

So, this leaves me ignoring the speculation potential to decide whether a) I love this print (the answer is that it's not one of my favorites) and b) I should take my $50 and buy one of his books instead.

Having just received Boarding House for my birthday, I'm inclined to say buying Shadow Chamber is the better way to spend $50 ($40.46 actually) here but that's just my personal take on this one and I have bought editions from 20x200 in the past.

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