Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bruce Haley - Sunder

Friend, CA resident (Big Sur), and Robert Capa Gold Medal winner Bruce Haley is about to release his new book, Sunder, co-published by Daylight Magazine and Edizioni Charta. Here's a nice teaser video for this amazing work in book form:

"Produced between 1994 and 2002, the images in SUNDER sweep the viewer along on a far-reaching journey through numerous former USSR and Iron Curtain countries, stopping at landscapes of ruin and moments of grace in equal measure. Haley's explorations were intuitive, responding to a deep curiosity to taste the last drops of the would-be Utopian ideology that dominated global politics during the first thirty years of his life. Using black and white film, the notion of remnants and transition would sustain Haley's photographic investigation for some eight years. The resulting images present a stark perspective of the collapse of the communist empire. Haley’s photographs are bleak and brimming with the realism that only a photographer as seasoned as he could achieve. Given the contrast with Haley’s conflict-based coverage, which was dominated by lush color imagery depicting the most horrific acts of violence imaginable, it seems as though this personal project is as much a portrait of the photographer himself as it is an invaluable historical archive. Co-published with Charta Editions."

144 pages
55 black + white photographs
Introduction by Kirsten Rian
Foreword by Dina and Clint Eastwood
Essay by Andrei Codrescu

Pre-order on Amazon here.

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