Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your Plan for Saturday

Well, it's really my plan for Saturday but it should be yours too.

First up at Angles Gallery, Ori Gersht will give an artists talk at 4:30 ahead of the opening of his show from 6-8pm.

Next, pop right next door to Kopeikin for the opening of Kahn & Selesnick's Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, also from 6-8.

Copyright Kahn & Selesnick

After that, head up the road to the inauguration of OHWOW's L.A. Project space for the opening of Sam Fall's show and to catch David Benjamin Sherry's at the same time. 6-9pm. Info here.

Copyright Sam Falls

Don't dilly dally - you're close but you've got one more show to hit up over at M+B, also from 6-9. Anthony Lepore's first show at the gallery titled Wilderness should be a good one. Remember that recent feature? Info here.

Copyright Anthony Lepore

UPDATE: I was just informed that Anthony Lepore's show is in two parts, the aforementioned show at M+B plus another part at
Fran├žois Ghebaly Gallery just up the block from Kopeikin and Angels in Culver City so be sure to hit that half up before you head north.

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