Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday Openings

Allan Sekula, California Stories opens with a reception from 6-8pm at Christopher Grimes.

Copyright Allan Sekula

Scot Sothern, Lowlife opens at DRKRM Gallery with an opening and book signing from 7-10pm.

Copyright Scot Sothern
Jane explains to me that she is really a model. She's going to stop the ho stuff real soon and get a job as a dancer or maybe doing television commercials. She wants my phone number, so if the pictures are good she can use them in her portfolio.

We burn through two rolls of film. Afterward, I give her another fifteen bucks for a quick dip. We do it the old fashioned way with me on top, her looking up. She turns her head away, closes her eyes and curls her hands into hard fists.

Six months later Jane calls me. She says she is working as a dancer and has a boyfriend who takes care of her and can she buy the negatives from me for a hundred dollars? I tell her no but promise never to show her face. I suggest we get together to take some more pictures. She calls me a scum-bag and hangs up. 

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