Monday, January 9, 2012

Quotes of the Week - William Wegman

Total geek out video by William Wegman and Michael Smith on Blindspot. I'm glad it found a home and I think I understand Wegman a little more now:

"Rule Number 6: Be Creative.  Nobody likes a straight on shot - that's dull"

Runner Up:

Wegman: What were you thinking about in this one?

Smith: Man and nature.

Wegman: Hmm...

2nd Runner up:

Wegman: Now it's a big boot.

Smith: Will that give it more meaning?

Wegman: It'll give it more size.

The World of Photography from Blind Spot on Vimeo.


johnwmacdonald said...

wow. what a throwback. i wish i'd seen this video back in 1986 - i may have pursued photography more vigorously.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Or maybe not...