Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Openings + Shows!

I've admittedly been quiet here due to work being crazy and trying to wrap up a photo project I've been shooting for the past two years.  What this means is I've missed telling you about some good shows, which I'll post below those opening this weekend.

Saturday Openings:

Ansel Adams, Los Angeles at DRKRM Gallery

Opening Reception 6-10 pm

Related.  This too. And this.

Sam Falls @ M+B Gallery - Opening from 6-8pm

"Overall, the show hopes to look at time spent and time to come — tied together with color, material and a sense of death."

Ongoing ones I missed:

Brassai and Other Vintage Noir Photographers at DNJ, through February 25th.

John Divola at Gallery Luisotti, through March 10.

Naked Hollywood, Weegee in Los Angeles at MOCA, through Feb 27.

In Focus, Los Angeles 1945-1980 at the Getty through May 6.

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