Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feature - Jay Reilly

So again, my primary interest is in fine art photography but I of course have an interest in commercial work and want this blog to cover LA (and CA...more on this in a bit) photography and so I'll be featuring all types of photographers. If you'd like to be considered, please send me a link to your work. I can't promise anything, but all work will be considered.

Jay Reilly is a commercial/editorial photographer based in Oceanside (I would like to be oceanside right now) and has a great blog for photographers interested in editorial that has the chuckle-inducing title, My Camera is Bigger than Yours

Jay has shot for Nike, Sony, Hyatt, and Conde Nast among others, so head over to his blog for insight. His most recent post is an interview with a MUA, for example, which I think will be of interest to many of you. He also includes lots of useful shooting tips and it is great to see a photographer who is unafraid to share so take advantage. Don't forget to check out his site for some really great lifestyle work. His colors pop.

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jennifer wilson said...

oooooh - love jay reilly! great idea for a west coast photog blog :)