Friday, May 15, 2009

Quote of the Week - Eliott Erwitt

Copyright Elliott Erwitt

(from an interview with Elliott Erwitt, by James Danziger, in 1976)

JD: I understand your father is a Buddhist priest?

Erwitt: Something like that.

JD: Has that been any influence on you?


JD: Quite seriously. When you look at someone like Minor White's work, he makes it quite clear that he's been influenced by Zen philosophy in his approach to photography.

Erwitt: In what way?

JD: In his theory of equivalence, and the way he sees the photograph as a symbol - one step in a dialogue between the viewer, his spirit, the photograph, and the image.

Erwitt: Oh Jesus Christ. Really? What crap. I tell you, he's a nice fellow I'm sure, and all that, but that kind of stuff makes me retch.

Thanks, Bruce!


The Lost Photographer said...

Thanks for sharing this one, I loved it-lol!

Chloe Aftel said...

That is awesome. And what a pleasure to hear someone say it!

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