Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artist Statement - Sally Mann

Joerg posted works from Sally Mann's new series with her artist statement broken up between the images. It is one hell of an artist statement. I'm not sure whether she intended for it to be presented in this way - between the images, between those specific images, etc. (though I think so) but it really works. I've never seen the presentation of text in between photos work so well except in the case of Mr. Toledano's Days With My Father.


myphotoprojects said...

There is a community of photographers here... but LA is not NYC. I'm in an MFA program which helps after not being connected for many years. I'd like to follow your blog but there is no follow setup.
Good luck fellow photo artist.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Are you sure you can't follow via Blogger? Most people use an rss feeder like Google Reader to follow blogs, which I recommend.

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