Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random thought

Why does it seem that every Tom, Dick and Harry has photographed David Lynch? Is he the most accessible celebrity around?


Anonymous said...

Here is my Random thought...Why does anyone in their right mind care what Joerg Colberg thinks?

Here is a quote from his blog about a competition he is running.

"Having a second round is based on the idea of making everything as equal as possible. With uniform file sizes, fancy websites won't be able to beat out simple ones. With a special naming convention for the jpegs (which will hide the full names), the winner will be solely chosen based on the quality of the work and nothing else."

Scale is an important component to any body of photographs...even on the web. This reflects Joerg's one sided view of the photo world. The web is only a microcosm of the fine art photography world. At it's best the web is a leave behind or a glorified business card. He says any serious photographer has a website. Tell that to Stephen Shore, Henry Wessel, Lee Friedlander, Lars Tunbjork, Jim Goldberg, John Gossage, Roe Ethridge and Robert Adams. He should get away from his computer and start looking at more prints. Alec Soth blogging gave all of these other self proclaimed experts a leg to stand on. The blog revolution is over for the photo world, and anyone who asks that hack to curate anything is a fool. The fact that he does not allow comments on his blog shows he has no concept of the potential for dialog the web can offer.

I hope you post this on your blog, and others out there realize they are wasting their time entering his competitions, and throwing money away if they pay him to do a portfolio review.

We need more blogs like this, and less hack photographers thinking because they have posted shitty opinions for a few years the photography world should care what you think.

A Concerned Photographer

J. Wesley Brown said...

The art is indeed in the printing (as any perfectionist photographer who's printed will tell you), though I do wonder if this might change in the near future with new media, GIF's etc and as screens get better and cheaper.

I won't post it but I'm not about censorship either, so here your comment shall remain.