Thursday, September 24, 2009

Personal day

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Breaking a bit from protocol, I have three personal bits of news to relate.

1. Canon sucks. The estimate to repair my 5D and calibrate 2 lenses comes to $1,150. What, are they not selling photocopiers these days? This means I won't be able to shoot for a while, which does not make me happy.

2. Some good news along with the bad. I was selected for the Carmel Art & Film Festival and so will have these two shots up in the show. Let me know if anyone else is planning to check it out.

3. Fellow MadridModern artist José Javier Serrano (alias Yosigo) was featured over on The Exposure Project. Well deserved.


þórir said...

i feel for you. though, as for canon, does it have to go back to mr. canon himself, isn't there an independent repair shop that could get it going again?

brand shops tend to carry brand prices, at least in my neck of the woods.

but congrats on the carmel a&f festival! well deserved!


Anonymous said...

What happened to your camera?

J. Wesley Brown said...

@Thorir - I'm not sure an independent repair would cost less. We're talking 600 in parts alone, so maybe if I got a break in labor costs but I'd imagine the Canon guarantee is better?

@Nate - One of these new designed water bottle (with the hinge top) opened in my bag with my camera while hiking. About 1/3 of the bottle spilled out. Canon says they must replace the top and back covers (?!) etc. etc. said...

nice images !

Brad Garner said...

Great images...sorry to hear about your 5D, though...