Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Translight Changes - Support!

I received the following email detailing changes over at Translight. Like everyone else in this economy, they're having trouble turning a profit. I'd urge everyone to go check out this last existing darkroom resource in the L.A. area to help ensure it's survival.

I've used the Espon 9800 myself a couple of times and I can assure you that you won't find a better deal on digital printing in town (plus, you get to control it yourself or with a bit of guidance):


My intention when I purchased TPC at the beginning of 2009 was to keep this facility operating
and servicing the photographic community. Since the purchase TPC has invested in new digital
service, expanded our hours, increased our marketing expenses and efforts, solicited art patrons,
continued to service and maintain our equipment, and done whatever we could think of to try to
move the lab closer to a break-even financial situation. However, as many of you have no doubt
struggled during this recession, TPC continues to experience monetary losses at a monthly rate that
is increasingly difficult to sustain.

I remain as committed today as I was in January to keeping TPC around for years to come. In
order to make that a reality, TPC is undertaking some changes in the hopes of narrowing the gap
between expenditures and revenues. We hope you remain as committed to us as we are to you. 

Changes [Effective Tuesday 12/1/2009] are as follows:

New Hours of Operations
Based on our analysis of facility usage over the past eleven months, we have identified these days
and hours as the most popular. This reduction in hours represents a significant salary cut to our
staff, but we feel strongly that cutting expenses is as necessary as increasing revenues.

Monday  Closed ***
Tuesday  Noon- 9pm
Wednesday Noon-10pm
Thursday  Noon- 9pm
Friday  Closed ***
Saturday  11am- 9pm
Sunday  11am- 6pm

NOTE: Classes/Workshops can be scheduled for any dates or times.

*** Minimum Commitments for Special Arrangements [Assuming Staff Availability]:
Entire B/W Group Room-4 Hours                        
  Color Darkroom-6 Hours
Digital Printer-$150.00                                         Digital Scanner-4 Hours
The required minimum commitment is to be pre-paid at the time of scheduling. Overages will be
collected on the day of service. No cancellations or refunds for these special arrangements.

Cancellation Policy
TPC has been experiencing a reservation cancellation rate of over 50% this past year which has a
strong negative impact on staffing and operational expenses. As a result, we feel reluctantly
compelled to implement this policy.
> $25.00 charge for all cancelled reservations scheduled for regular business hours. 
>  Reservations cancelled by 2pm PST on the day prior to the reservation will incur NO
      cancellation charge.  Cancellation by Phone Only [No Emails or Text]. Customer can leave
      a voice message [fyi: TPC’s messages are time-stamped and saved at the phone company’s
      messaging service]. 
>  The cancellation fee will be collected prior to any subsequent service. 

NOTE: We continue to strongly recommend customers make reservations in advance. If there
are no reservations for a particular day, it is highly likely that TPC may not open in order to
reduce expenses

New Rates [Effective Tuesday 12/1/2009]
TPC will be offering a quarterly membership for $90/quarter [3 months]. The monthly member
rate of $35/month is discontinued [Existing memberships will be honored through their end dates].
This new membership level will continue to give its’ holders a 25% discount off darkroom rates
and additionally a 20% discount on the Nikon Film Scanner.

 Color Darkroom Rental Non-Member  $23.00/hour
 Color Darkroom Rental Member  $17.00/hour
 B/W Darkroom Rental Non-Member  $16.00/hour
 B/W Darkroom Rental Member  $12.00/hour
 B/W 20 x 24 Rate  Non-Member  $23.00/hour
 B/W 20 x 24 Rate  Member  $17.00/hour
 [One Hour Minimum usage and 15 minute increments thereafter]

 Press Mount  $20.00/hour [No Change] No minimum usage. 1⁄4 hour increments.

 Epson 9800 Digital Printer [Self-Service]  TPC  Paper $10/sq. Ft.
 Epson 9800 Digital Printer [Self-Service]  Cust. Paper   $9/sq. Ft.
 Standard Size Examples:           11x14          16x20         20x24          30x40
 TPC’s Paper                             $21.00          $30.00       $37.00          $60.00  
 Customer’s Paper                     $19.00          $27.00       $33.00          $53.00 

 Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED Film Scanner Drop-Off Service [No Change]
 Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED Film Scanner [Non-Member]  [Self-Service] $25/hr.
 Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED Film Scanner [Member]  [Self-Service] $20/hr.
 [One hour minimum. 1⁄4 hour increments]
As always, I thank you for your patronage and understanding. To demonstrate TPC’s solidarity
with our customers I am pledging that there will be no additional rate increases for at least 18

Michael Gotz
Translight Photography Center

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