Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Support for Haiti

Wallspace Gallery in Seattle is hosting a benefit for Doctors Without Borders and thus, the Haiti Earthquake victims through a print sale. All photos are $50. Locals Mitch Dobrowner, Emily Shur, Liz Kuball and Aline Smithson have donated prints. Other standouts include Susan Worsham, David Bram, and Lydia Panas.

Check them out here.

Also for sale to benefit Haiti are smaller versions of the photos up in the current New Directions show, in which I have a piece. They can be seen here.

Go get some art and support a noble cause.

Copyright David Bram


Jonathan Canlas said...

thanks for the heads up! just picked up an emily shur print!!!

caleb condit said...

right on. Love this shot of the black church here. I saw tons of black buildings on the english seaside and it always felt so solid to look at. This is such a great way for artists to use their work to make a difference. Thanks for pointing this out.