Thursday, January 7, 2010

May 2010 be wiser for all

Further proving that 2009 was the year we lost our collective sanity (or was it `08 and we just paid for it in `09?), the 3rd highest price fetched at auction for a photograph last year was for this utterly dull photo by Canadian west coast photographer, Jeff Wall.  One of an edition of two, it sold for a remarkable $770,500.



Jack Nelson said...

"utterly dull"

That's how I'd describe almost all of Wall's photography; I just don't see why he's so important/popular.

J. Wesley Brown said...

I'd say more like overhyped and overly heady. Some of it's really nice, though you could take the same shot in a week vs. 9 months. He loves to talk about his process, which overshadows his images, IMO.