Thursday, April 8, 2010

Opening - Scot Sothern's Lowlife @ DRKRM

Copyright Scot Sothern

Scot Sothern's Streetlife opens at DRKRM this Saturday from 7-9pm. He is also an extremely capable writer and you owe it to yourself to head over to ASX and read an excerpt from his forthcoming book and check out more of his work. I guarantee it will draw you in. This is work that can't be made by the faint of heart or stomach (or the sober, maybe). In Scot's words from his blog:
These images, shot mostly in Southern California between 1986 and 1990, record the existence of the many disenfranchised Americans, hawking their souls for the price of a Big Mac and a fix. With these portraits, paragraphs, and full disclosure, I hope to reveal the struggle and never changing plight of the street prostitute, victims of a culture that deems them criminal and expendable.
DRKRM Gallery
2121 N. San Fernando Rd. Ste. 3
Through May 23

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