Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo Reads

Dalton Rooney started a new blog called Photo Reads, where he lists interesting articles he's found along with an interesting quote or two from each.

This one, from an article he links to over on ASX particularly struck my fancy:
And the viewers, despite any pitfalls or roadblocks put in their way, could still to some extent be there too. This has always struck me as somewhat amazing: That magic little black box enables one to leave, in a small way and for a short while, one’s own time and space and to occupy, maybe only superficially, another time and space: a then and there that really existed as well as a here and now.
- Charles Harbutt

That is exactly what is so magical about photography for me - its ability to transport me to a different reality, if only for a second. This explains why I don't like the vast majority of soft-focus, blurry, grainy or noisy photographs. My eyes don't see that way and thus, I can't believe the photo and experience that jump.

Go take a look at what Dalton's serving up. There's a Twitter account for it too if that's your thing.

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