Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feature + QOTW - Bill Dane

I was unfamiliar with Bill Dane's work until I saw some pictures at the Di Rosa Foundation that he made in the 70's of those peep show theaters where you could go and perv and even take pictures of the girls. I'm pretty certain Bill's motivation was more the latter than the former and the one that caught my eye most was a wide shot of the theater with a dancer doing a headstand (below).

It was hard for me to narrow this selection down to something manageable since he's got such a great and unique eye. I kind of just decided to go a bit nuts with this feature and throw up too many shots, ranging from the 70's through 2011. Make sure to head over to his site to explore more and oh, Bill's even got a Flickr.

His Quote of the Week:

"Even though most people still don't seem to understand how manipulative photography is - how it changes experience - if it didn't, it wouldn't be so magical. A clue as to why photography is so wonderful is that it does its own thing; it creates a new reality."

All images Copyright Bill Dane. Click for larger views.

(That's Gary Winogrand standing on the right)

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J. Wesley Brown said...

Just heard from Bill that cameras were allowed at the strip joint on Tuesdays and Sundays.