Tuesday, April 12, 2011

L.A.te Opening Saturday at Edgar Varela Downtown

I don't very often talk about my own work on the blog, as its meant to be about photography in LA as a whole but a few times a year I fit in that so I'll be posting a few shows I'm a part of on here in the coming weeks that are official MOPLA selections. I'm very excited about this first one of photography of Los Angeles at night, opening at Edgar Varela this Saturday downtown. I'm with some truly excellent company for this and the opening should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!


Click invite for details:

J. Wesley Brown

Amanda Freidman

Zack Herrera

Ryan Schude

RJ Shaughnessy

Tim Simmons


Audrey Landreth said...

Looks great. Looking forward to seeing it up close.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Glad you are coming!