Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wait, I've seen this before.

In looking at the winners of PDN's The Look fashion photography contest, my jaw dropped when I came upon Bjorn Iooss's first place winning series shot for Alex Casertano's Fall/Winter collection.

Ballen's style is so his own that this isn't inspiration, but rather blatantly ripping off another artist, chalk, hangers, cat and all. I'm perplexed as to how this could:

a) be done in the first place - why not hire Ballen directly to shoot your campaign if that's what you want? Mr. Iooss can certainly shoot quite well in a style of his own.

and b) have been awarded a prize in a contest.

All images Copyright (weird saying that here) Bjorn Iooss.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, sadly all too familiar over here as well.the medium's current proliferation encourages a culture of 'influence' like never before, notions of copyright are not even considered. a very similiar occurrence in the uk recently around a recent Central Saint Martins photo graduate and a very well known weekend supplement totally ripping an idea for a fluffy feature. in thsi case Ballen should sue