Friday, July 22, 2011

In Focus: The Sky @ Getty - July 26th

Copyright John Divola

In Focus: The Sky opens on Tuesday, July 26th at the Getty and runs through December 4th...wowsers. There is a great PDF containing ten images from the show available for viewing here. Don't you wish more museums did that? Don't you wish they'd put them all online?

Generations of artists have found inspiration in the sky, which became a rich subject for the medium of photography after it was introduced in 1839. Drawn from the J. Paul Getty Museum's permanent collection, this exhibition explores the genre through the history of photography, including works by Gustave Le Gray, Alfred Stieglitz, André Kertész, and John Divola. Four sections—urban skies, clouds, dark skies, and skies in color—give an overview of the diverse and imaginative ways photographers have approached this theme.


Cybergabi said...

This is lovely. And yes, I wish they did - particularly because I can't afford transatlantic flights every couple of weeks. The one gallery wich does that consistently, with the complete shows, is the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado. It is wonderful to be able to view the exhibits online.

The reason why so many don't is a (perhaps justified?) fear of people stealing/ manipulating images when they are digitized, but another reason is that museums and galleries want to sell their catalogs, since this is what they earn part of their money with.

Maybe its time to reduce the costs for exhibition catalogs dramatically by selling them as eBooks online?

J. Wesley Brown said...

My thinking is that it is more likely that they don't want people to not come see the show in person, fearing they'll consider the show visited after seeing the images online, although many of us know the prints are the art. I work at a museum and catalog sales are not a significant revenue source for us compared to other things. I'm guessing eBooks and online galleries will appear more frequently. I just wish they'd hurry up since I can't afford transatlanctic flights either.