Friday, August 26, 2011

Opening Saturday - Redefining Hollywood @ Analog Salon

The Analog Salon is a project by Digital Fusion that highlights exceptional talent in the world of fine art photography. By partnering with industry leaders, DF is showcasing artists in its salon setting in Culver City by celebrating new, emerging and established photographers with an emphasis on Los Angeles based artists.

The new space represents a modern movement in supporting the arts by providing not only a space but a full production and marketing project to showcase talent and support artist efforts. The space will provide sponsored printing and framing, sponsored events based on the work and will include lectured, discussion panels and artist talks. All events will have a reception event and will be backed by local arts and entertainment media.

Along with Samitaur Constructs and under the guidance of architect Eric Owen Moss, Digital Fusion has provided a space to display and celebrate photography. Regular curated gallery exhibits will occur at the Culver City canvas setting. A dynamic partnership has been established with Contemporary Cultural led by cultural curator Edgar Varela as well as partnerships with local art world staples; Artweek LA & LA Canvas.

Partnerships have also been established with The Lucie Foundation, an organization established to support photography. We have also partnered with local radio station KCRW, the hub of cultural happenings in the Los Angeles regional area as well as Dublab, a radio collective specializing in cultural exploration of sight and sound.



An exhibition of Photography by

Twelve photographers

August 27th -September 30th, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 27th, 7-10 pm

Exhibition on View Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm

Special Event for Photography on September 21st, 7-10

Other Exhibitions planned for November-December and 2012 on the website

The Analog Salon

3535 Hayden Avenue, Suite 100

Culver City, CA 90232

Thomas Alleman, J. Wesley Brown, Siri Kaur, Gordon Magnin, Gray Malin, Claire Mallett, Brend Reinhardt, April Rocha, Ryan Schude/Lauren Randolph, Emily Shur, Aline Smithson, Lacey Terrell

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