Monday, December 5, 2011

Quote of the Week - Charles Saatchi

"For professional curators, selecting specific paintings for an exhibition is a daunting prospect, far too revealing a demonstration of their lack of what we in the trade call "an eye". They prefer to exhibit videos, and those incomprehensible post-conceptual installations and photo-text panels, for the approval of their equally insecure and myopic peers. This "conceptualised" work has been regurgitated remorselessly since the 1960s, over and over and over again."

- Charles Saatchi

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K Herth said...

Leonardo DeCaprio did not live in Echo Park he lived on Franklin and Hillhurst that is East Hollywood not even close to the boarder of Echo Park. It is truly sad however that Echo Park has been invaded by hipsters, they tried that shit here but getting robbed and not feeling very welcomed they shifted towards EP but they are in for a rude awakening very soon cause the gangs and a lot of business owners do not want them there. The business owners say they put no money into the community but rather drive out of Echo Park to buy stuff such as groceries from ''Trader Joes'' and just a list of stuff locals who always have been there do not like about there presence, can you blame them? I was born and raised and still live here in E Hollywood I was born in ''the big blue building'' as people call it on Fountain and west of Vermont ''Scientology building'' its actually the Merrick building and was owned by Cedar Sinai but before Sinai it was called Cedars of Lebanon when it was there I know my history pretty good but everything around me is being replaced and knocked down by douche bags that are not even from LA very sad it was fine for about 80 years+ but in the past 10 years it all changed very odd I'm 40 I love this place and know more than most do about it and I just hope it doesn't get destroyed anymore but it will!