Thursday, December 15, 2011

WTF Quote of the Week - White Cube

Copyright Jeff Wall

"In the ground-floor gallery, Wall will show, together for the first time, three documentary pictures of Sicilian landscapes. The composition of Hillside, Sicily (2007) imbues the picture with a powerful downward motion, emphasized by the truncation of the slope, while the scale of the picture and stippling of the flora puts the work in dialogue with Modernist abstraction."


Translation: Jeff Wall can do whatever the hell he wants, even show a bland photo of a hill, much like many that can be easily found on Flickr.  He's gangster. That's why he chose a hill in Sicily.


Dalton said...

I'm pretty sure I took a picture of that same hill!

J. Wesley Brown said...

Haha, I like yours better, Dalton. You're gangster too.