Friday, April 3, 2009

MOPLA - Fresh Look Review update

I have to be honest and say I was a bit surprised to see this comment from the founder of MOPLA on my post where I expressed frustration with the first-come, first-serve wait list for the portfolio reviews:

We are open to ideas and suggestion to make Fresh Look better. I thank you for your suggestion. I will run it by other photographer that signed up and see if they would like your idea. If they like that we will implement it. We want to make sure that Fresh Look works for all of photographers and they benefit from it and they are happy with the process.

Thanks again, Hossein Farmani

Then, today in my inbox:

We've changed the sign up process for Fresh Look. It will be a first come first serve, but online a week prior to the review. Thanks for your feedback on your blog!

I applaud them for their willingness to improve the format. An ideal lottery system would probably have been too complicated to put together this late in the game and this seems like a pretty acceptable solution. The list of reviewers is quite impressive so if you're interested, don't miss tomorrow's deadline to register.

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