Thursday, April 2, 2009

Re: Flickr Stigma comment

The following comment was left on the Flickr Stigma post:


Part of the reason Flickr is not respected has to do with the fact that nobody is in control of what is "pronounced" good.

It is not 1963 or 1985 anymore. One curator in London or New York cannot make a photographer.

The web rules.

My response:

I'm not so sure I totally agree with that. Ryan McGinley was "made" by his solo show at the Whitney. Now, that was 6 years ago almost and things certainly move quickly when it comes to the internet but I don't doubt yet that a solo show at a major museum can make a photographer. The problem is, none of the curators are trying. Does anyone know of a solo show at a major institution of an emerging photographer since McGinley's?

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