Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Lightroom Classes @ the Icon

I initially found out about these via PIX Feed but thought I'd repost here. After all, how could a photographer turn down a free Lightroom class?

B+W Techniques for ACR & LightroomFurther adventures in RAW processing will focus on B+W conversion techniques. This class will cover basic and more advanced approaches to B+W RAW processing including:

• HSL/Grayscale adjustments
• Split Toning & Colorizing• Setting up Presets "folders" and a strategy for using presets
• Gradient and Brush Tools - special uses with grayscale images

• De-saturating & white balance as an alternative B+W strategy
• Introduction to the Print moduleThe basic idea is to set up your working methods in the most efficient way for consistent results and to establish an image archive that is flexible and expandable without working yourself into a corner.

Each of the 4 classes will cover the same material with enough time for a question and answer session at the end to address specific needs of individual photographers.

This workshop is held for free every Tuesday. Each month will be a different topic so the same workshop is repeated 4 times a month. Held 7-9 pm at The Icon.

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