Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Best Shot courtesy of the Guardian

I found "My Best Shot" via Gallery Hopper today. I agree with Todd that it's cumbersome to navigate, though well worth the effort. It really is fascinating to see what photographers think is the best of their own work, especially when you are familiar with their bodies of work. I know the shots I considered my best were at time met with only lukewarm receptions at the PhotoEspana reviews.

Speaking of PhotoEspana, Roger Ballen's talk at the festival, which I recorded was pretty much an extension of his taking the piss here in his My Best Shot choice. After that talk, I doubt this is even one of his favorites. I think he's being asked to participate in a game (the artworld) he doesn't want to play and instead of declining, decides to have some fun with everyone's heads. It's an enviable position.

Check out My Best Shot!

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