Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jay Mark Johnson Opening at Ace Gallery Thursday

Über digital manipulator, Jay Mark Johnson Spacetime show comprising 4 series will have its opening this Thursday at ACE Gallery Beverly Hills. I'm curious to see the prints in person as this type of manipulation (though I understand some of it is done in camera) walks a fine line for me between hit or miss. Let me know if you're going and would like to say hello.

ACE Beverly Hills
Thurs., July 16th 7:30 - 9:00pm


Jay Mark said...

Jay Mark Johnson here.
Please allow me to contribute to your generous posting. The works in this exhibit are photographic timelines. They were produced "in camera" utilizing a unique adaptation of a rare technology. Though doubtlessly well intentioned, the term "Über digital manipulator" may be wide of the mark in describing the technology, the methodology and the intent of this artwork. I am thrilled that you are interested in coming by the exhibition. I have just taken a quick peak at your beautifully executed work. Please say hello. All best,

J. Wesley Brown said...

Glad to spread the word and even more glad to have the record set straight. Part of why I'll be going is to figure ut how the heck these were made. I saw the part about the time lapse in-digital camera ("uber in-camera manipulation" perhaps?) but had figured you added to this in PS. Curious to know more!

Jay Mark said...

Kind response.
I will forward to meeting. And if the event proves to be too crowded for an in depth exchange, let's follow up afterward.
By the way, the image you have posted of a woman swimming is absolutely untouched but for the cropping at either end. The "take" was much greater in length.
Still in last minute prep mode here so I will sign off for a few days. More later. I will follow this blog.