Friday, March 26, 2010

Feature - Joni Sternbach, SurfLand

It is with great pleasure that I feature Joni Sternbach's tintype portraits of surfers. What could be more suitable for our geographic location and culture? I love the prevalence of long boards in these - very fitting for the process she employs, but maybe also because my surfing skills aren't so hot. All of the images below were shot here in California and many of them are from a recent trip out and not yet up on her website.

Enjoy, and hit up those beaches on this sunny, warm weekend we have ahead of us.

All images Copyright Joni Sternbach


oliver said...

I really like these pictures, I'm wondering about the process that's been used. What is it? Is it an old process or a digital manipulation? I 'm a <a href='>london fashion photographer</a> interested in old processes.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Oliver - says rightthere they are Tintypes. Fascinating because they are technically negative images but the black backing makes them look positive.