Friday, March 5, 2010

Feature - Toni and Zoe

So I'm venturing a bit outside the confines of LA for this one to the OC, but that's happened a few times before and will happen again. After all, Orange County's the, well, maybe I'll keep quiet and not get myself in trouble here.

I found sisters Toni and Zoe on flickr a couple of weeks ago. I'll be honest and say the Polaroid thing's never really caught my fancy. I know people go gaga over it but it just never really hit me, even after seeing the Philip-Lorca diCorcia show at LACMA. Still, I think they make great use of color and there's a consistency and playfulness to it that hits home. It certainly screams CA to me and it's nice to look at things through a different lens sometimes.


Polskey said...

These a definitely a great set of Polaroids - thanks for sharing. I particularly love the one taken at the top of the slide - beautiful!

kimberly said...

I love the top three--sexy mechanic, field, and the water slides (what a great shot and the color is stunning).