Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Four Evenings With Fine Art Photographers

Copyright Tierney Gearon for W

Julia Dean Workshops is once again hosting Four Evenings with Fine Art Photographers kicking off with none other than Tierney Gearon this Thursday evening - an excellent follow-up to her show at ACE Gallery I'm sure you caught last year.

Los Angeles has a rich tapestry of fine art photographers that create amazing work (More on this in a post later this week). Because our city is so expansive, we often don’t get the opportunity to connect and learn about each other. This second chapter of Four Evenings with Fine Art Photographers opens the door to four incredible evenings, shared through the vision of some of the most interesting fine art photographers working in Los Angeles today. Many have published books, are inspired teachers, exhibit throughout the world, and are award-winning visionaries.

March 25th - Tierney Gearon

April 29th - Jay Mark Johnson

May 20th - Robbert Flick

June 17th - Susan Anderson

Thursdays, 7-8:30pm
Paid in Advance Series Fee: $35
At-the-Door Admission: $15 general, $10 student w/ID (check and cash accepted)
Class location: A&I Photographic and Digital Services, 933 N. Highland Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038

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