Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quote of the week - Alec Soth

Copyright Alec Soth

From an interview over on Too Much Chocolate that Shawn Records did with Alec Soth regarding his publishing house, Little Brown Mushroom:

SR: What about the direction you’re going in? How do you decide what to put out? Anything you’re especially excited about for the future?

AS: Little Brown Mushroom has just been a place for aimless play. I’m working on doing something a bit more formalized, but am not ready to talk about it yet.

Does this resonate with anyone else? People always want to know what you're doing next. I've come to the realization that I don't really want to tell anyone until it's done. Why should I open myself up to potential criticism that might slow me down instead of wholeheartedly following my initial excitement through to completion and then releasing it into the world? At that point, I can listen to what others have to say, but not until I've done what I believe in, deep down inside.

It's too hard to keep hold of that excitement and see something through. The last thing I need is anything somewhat discouraging. Now, once its "done" and been put out there, I can start listening to critiques and thinking of ways to refine it.

Any thoughts?

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caleb condit said...

I totally agree with this. If I want to share/brainstorm I'll talk to people I really trust to give me some great feedback. I know it's just journalism asking questions that you know people won't answer but really hoping they somehow do...