Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vincent Laforet plus happy hour = don't miss

© Vincent Laforet

I'd advise buying your ticket soon. I'm very curious to hear him speak after following his Olympics coverage on the Time blog.

If you are curious about what the new 5D MKII's HD video capabilities are, you should watch his short film.

APA/LA Holiday Happy Hour with Guest Speaker Vincent Laforet
Tuesday December 9, 2008
5:00pm - 7:00pm Happy Hour
7:00pm - 9:00pm Speaker
Helms DayLight Studio
3221 Hutchison Ave., Los Angeles 90034
*Parking is Located on the North Side of Venice Ave and Helms

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sat. - Opening recpeption, William Hundley @ Kinsey/DesForges

Opening reception for total weirdo (in the best possible sense; witness his flickr stream...) William Hundley's show entitled DRACO at Kinsey/DesForges in Culver City, which showcases his floating fabric forms.

I bet Rachel Hullin will wish she could be here for this one.

Saturday, 6pm

On view through Dec 20

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reminder - Matthew Barney this eve at LACMA

Friendly reminder of my earlier post on the Cremaster 3 screening this evening at LACMA. I'd recommend getting there a bit early in case. Not one to miss.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Gift Idea

A coworker just sent these to me. Seems like the perfect photograhy Christmas gift (if you can't afford to get someone the 5D MKII, that is).

You can get them here.
Excellent marketing with the polaroid frames...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Fashion Photography Blog

I came across L.A.-based photographer, Melissa Rodwell's fashion photography blog this evening. She doesn't have a ton of posts under her belt but those she has written make me think this one will be very promising and a great resource for anyone interested in photography in general and especially those looking to really get a grasp on how the fashion photography industry operates in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

It's great to see someone giving back in this way and who is unafraid to share knowledge.

The Searchers, Sasha Bezzubov & Jessica Sucher @ Taylor de Cordoba

From the press release:

The Searchers is a series of large-scale photographs examining Western spiritual tourism in India.

(How very L.A.)

With The Searchers, the artists build on themes explored in their previous bodies of work, specifically Expats and Natives (Bezzubov and Sucher) and The Gringo Project (Bezzubov). These previous projects center around young Western travelers exploring developing countries and how the relationship to one’s host country relates to larger issues of race, class, and identity.

As a former expat myself, I'm curious. I'm also curious to see how two photographers make one photo. Does one focus and the other press the shutter?

November 1 – December 20, 2008

OPENING RECEPTION : Saturday November 1, 2008, 6pm - 8pm @ Taylor de Cordoba
PS. This is a perfect example of a gallery being careless and publishing too big of an image online. That second one would make for a nice wallpaper. I'm just saying...

Matthew Barney viewing at LACMA Thursday!!!

Alright so I am excited about this one, as I've been waiting since 2003, when I saw Cremaster 4 in NYC for another of his works to be shown in a city I'm in and this is the first time that has occurred. Don't miss this chance to catch these visually stunning pieces on Thursday (for free!).

View the trailer.

Film Screening: Two Videos by Matthew Barney Thursday, November 20 7:30 pm

Cremaster 4 (1994) and Drawing Restraint 10 (2005) both demonstrate Matthew Barney's career-long interest in incorporating the materials and imagery of sports into his practice as an artist. This film screening is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Contemporary Projects 11: Hard Targets -Masculinity and Sport on view through January 18, 2009.Bing Theater Free, no reservations