Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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I'm not sure who took it- it's simply listed as "Associated Press." I don't think the Associated Press can click a shutter button but getting back on topic, I love this shot. It looks like a Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Click to see it a bit bigger.

Friday, July 22, 2011

In Focus: The Sky @ Getty - July 26th

Copyright John Divola

In Focus: The Sky opens on Tuesday, July 26th at the Getty and runs through December 4th...wowsers. There is a great PDF containing ten images from the show available for viewing here. Don't you wish more museums did that? Don't you wish they'd put them all online?

Generations of artists have found inspiration in the sky, which became a rich subject for the medium of photography after it was introduced in 1839. Drawn from the J. Paul Getty Museum's permanent collection, this exhibition explores the genre through the history of photography, including works by Gustave Le Gray, Alfred Stieglitz, André Kertész, and John Divola. Four sections—urban skies, clouds, dark skies, and skies in color—give an overview of the diverse and imaginative ways photographers have approached this theme.

Summer Show at Duncan Miller Projects

Copyright Aline Smithson

'Several months ago, Dan Miller of the Duncan Miller Gallery in Los Angeles asked me to curate a summer show for his satellite gallery, Duncan Miller Projects, located in Santa Monica, CA. After thinking long and hard about a new template idea for a gallery, we came up with the idea of making it more of a store, with lots of inventory, and featuring work that is approachable, evocative, and affordable. Dan is also opening the gallery every Wednesday evening so folks in the neighborhood can wander in, and photographers can bring friends and collectors throughout the run of the show." - Aline Smithson

Sixteen Los Angeles photographers: Nancy Baron, Michael Cannon, Marian Crostic, Karen Florek, Cat Gwynn, Bootsy Holler, Liz Huston, Kelli Knack, Stella S. Lee, Gray Malin, Ann Mitchell, Steven Rood, Aline Smithson, Charley Star, and Ashly Stohl, will be on exhibition. The show opens this Thursday, July 21st and runs through September 3rd.

The gallery is located at 1716 1/2 Ocean Park in Santa Monica, CA and is open Thurs- Sat from 11-6, and every Wed night from 7-9pm.

UPDATE: A second opening will be on Wednesday, July 27th from 7-9pm.

Friday, July 15, 2011

One More - Street Sights @ Armory

Copyright Grant Mudford

Street Sights is currently up at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena.

"Street Sight takes into account the factors that contributed to the post-war shift in Southern California-based photography from imagery that was picturesque, image-oriented, and anecdotal in nature, to a more conceptually motivated style of representation and object-making that was decisively suburban, process-oriented, and experiential.Exhibiting artists will include Adam Bartos, Darryl Curran, Bevan Davies, John Divola, Judy Fiskin, Robbert Flick, Dennis Hopper, Graham Howe, Grant Mudford, Jane O’Neal, Marvin Rand, Seymour Rosen, Ed Ruscha, Julian Wasser,
and Terry Wild."

LAT Review here.

Catch a glimpse of the show here.

Vacation / Opening Sat

I'm off to the lake for a week of vacation so the blog will be taking a break along with me.

Before I go, there's a Cuba-themed, two-person show opening this Saturday at Kopeikin from 6-8pm. If you're like me and have to miss this one, there will be another on August 6th.

Lueck's Cuban TV's have been turned into a book, which comes out next month and can be pre-ordered here.

Jeffrey Milstein - Cuba: In the Streets
Simone Lueck - Cuba: TV

Saturday, July 16, 6-8 pm
2766 La Cienega Blvd.

Copyright Simone Lueck

Copyright Jeffrey Milstein

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Opening Thursday - LeRoy Grannis @ M+B

"In celebration of LeRoy Grannis’ legacy and his great contributions to both the surfing and art communities, M+B is pleased to present a commemorative exhibition of LeRoy Grannis’ photographs to honor his legendary career. Documenting the Golden Age of Surfing—the Sixties and Seventies—Grannis was the first to capture the purity, soul and lifestyle of a seminal moment in American cultural history.

Dubbed the “godfather of surf photography” by The New York Times, Grannis supplanted himself as THE photographer that documented the birth of a generation spurred on by both the surf-film Gidget and the Beach Boys who created an entirely new youth subculture centered around the surfing lifestyle. Whether shooting surf-god (and surfing buddy) Greg Noll catching the big waves in Waimea Bay or a San Onofre parking lot filled with long boards, VW buses and surfer girls, Grannis’ work nostalgically embraces both the lost elegance of the sport as well as the idealization of this uniquely California lifestyle. Grannis’ poignant images record the decades’ surfing spirit and evoke a sense of timeless grace that greatly contrasts with the modern-day extreme sport and endorsement-filled notion of surfing."

Through 30th

Opening Thursday, July 14th from 6-8 pm


Friday, July 8, 2011

Opening Saturday - Analog to Digital at LACDA

Analog to Digital - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

July 9-September 2, 2011
Reception: Saturday, July 9 7-10PM

Curated by: Rex Bruce

John Baldessari
Patti Heid
Dennis Hopper
Kathryn Jacobi
Luke Matjas
Miss Maytag Collective
Mark Mothersbaugh
Federico Solmi
Anneliese Varaldiev
Robert Williams
Joel-Peter Witkin

Quote of the Week - Gerry Badger

"Having muscled in on the art world - albeit around its fringes - a lot of photography became aflicted by the very malaise affecting modernist painting, then undergoing what many now see as its terminal crisis. Many photographers - now would-be "artists" - turned from making pictures about the world to making photographs about the medium. Photography rapidly became coyly self-referential, reduced to formal gesture and bland decoration."

- Gerry Badger


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Try not to blow your hands off. You'll need them to shoot.

See you next week.

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