Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog break - trip to NYC

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It seems incredible that I haven't been to New York in 3 years, since I spent 3 years of my life there and used to go back at least once a year for a visit. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to return to the beast this week. While it won't quite be winter,

I'll be taking a break from WCST this week, since I'll be having a hard enough time getting to all the shows I want to see and catching up with people.

Anyone in the city, shoot me an email with show suggestions or if you want to grab a beer.

Here's my tentative list. An asterisk means it's a priority but I doubt I'll even be able to hit all of those up:

Friedlander AND Hopper @ the Whitney*
Collier Schorr @ 303 Gallery
James Casabere @ Sean Kelly
New Photography 2010 AND Abstract Expressionist NY @ MOMA*
Abelardo Morrell @ Bryce Wolkowitz AND @ Bonni Benrubi*
Jan Gossart's Renaissance @ The Met
Hiroshi Sugimoto @ Pace
John Currin @ Gagosian Madison Ave.*
Neue Galerie*
The Frick*

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