Friday, March 9, 2012

Robert Adams, The Place We Live @ LACMA

How could I possibly not tell you about Robert Adams having a show at LACMA, opening to the public on Sunday and to members today, considering he's one of the great western photographers?

There, now you know.

Also, there are drink specials for members today and tomorrow during preview days.  Sounds like a good after-work plan.

More info.

Since taking up photography in the mid-1960s as a response to the rapidly changing landscape of his native Colorado, Robert Adams has been widely regarded as one of the leading chroniclers of the American West. Edited and sequenced by Adams himself, The Place We Live surveys a career spanning four decades. This unprecedented retrospective features nearly 300 black-and-white photographic prints as well as a selection of the artist's many important photo books. Adams’s work reflects his extended dedication to describing the changing Western landscape, the growth of its built environment and the lives of its inhabitants. The Los Angeles presentation highlights Adams’s extraordinary portrayal of the terrain of the Los Angeles region.

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