Monday, April 16, 2012

Quote of the Week: Paul Melcher

"What does this means for the future of photography ? Well, for one, it’s certainly confirms that we are addicted to it. Not just at looking at the images of the masters but to participating in its creation. We are slaves to the shutter, even if, that too, is poised to disappear. 
We have also have entered the area of the disposable image. Shoot, beautify, share and forget. Repeat. Hundreds, thousands, millions of time. Because it is so simple and easy, we can photograph leisurely, for free, with no worries whatsoever. Its the era of the instantaneous image, not only because it is easy to take but also because it is easy to share. It’s the fast food of photography. Fast, cheap, appealing, and easily forgotten."

Paul Melcher, via his post on Instagram's acquisition.

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