Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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Copyright Alex Prager, Kimberly, 2008

So my apologies for the recent lack of posts. Things got a bit too hectic during the holiday season and so I needed a little break. Hopefully, things should start to pick up a bit with photo happenings around town now also.

So Aline beat me to the punch and posted all you need to know here about Photo LA, which kicks off with an opening reception this Thursday. I agree with Aline's statements regarding how one feels during and after these fairs, having not missed ARCO or PhotoEspana for the last three years. I can only add to it that you will equally be inspired and impressed by great work and conversely, given a newfound sense of optimism about your own work after seeing the mediocre work being represented by galleries.

I can't stress how important it is to go to this if you are here in LA and serious about art photography. This is your glimpse into a world that can at times seem mysterious and out of reach and an amazing learning opportunity.

I am most excited about attending the portfolio walk on Saturday from 6-9pm to see the work of fellow emerging photographers and to get a glimpse of presentation methods ahead of my own participation at reviews, which is on the books for next year.


Anonymous said...

After attending the portfolio walk last night, I had a better appreciation and understanding of fine art photography. Just as interesting as the work were the thoughts and processes behind them. Monika Merva, Lou Raizin and Megan Cump portfolios left me fired up to take a deep look at my own photographic vision and refine it. So glad I went there.

J. Wesley Brown said...

I liked Megan Cump's work a lot too. Definitely a beneficial experience in terms of knowing what to do and what not to do at a future review.