Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Photographic Find of 2008

Copyright Roger Ballen, Mimicry 2005

So everyone is publishing best of lists for 2008 but I'll just share my personal top photographic find of 2008, Roger Ballen. Based in South Africa and a geoligist by trade, Ballen is a wonderful reminder that life is long. He never made any money with his photography but kept shooting because he had to before receiving well-deserved acclaim for his work in his 50's.

Lens Culture just posted a slideshow and excellent inteview with Ballen that I highly recommend listening to.


Aline said...

Couldn't agree more...I posted him on my blog awhile back and think of him as a Keith Carter on crack. LOVE his work...btw, thanks for stopping by the hotel..so nice to finally meet you.

this too will pass said...

nice blog you have here; very interesting; kind regards, Charles