Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feature - Raoul Gatepin

Though I prefer to feature local photographers, I'm also partial to bodies of work completed in CA by outsiders such as this and this.  In Raoul Gatepin's case, he lived here in LA for two years before he moving to the dark side (Brooklyn) so I thought I'd show some highlights from his pL.A.nes and L.A.merique series. 

And they say nobody walks in LA...




Andrew Gardner said...

Thanks for posting this...I've followed Raoul's work for a couple of years, I really enjoy his photographs.

I had the good fortune of being at the pL.Anes opening at Lunasa in New York's East Village, it was wonderful to see his work in person, and to have a chance to chat with Raoul. I wish him a long successful career.

Anonymous said...

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