Thursday, February 18, 2010


The fact is, I have a great disdain for blurry, unfocused, grainy, or noisy shots for the most part. My eyes don't see that way and what I want most from photography is to be absorbed into a scene and alternate reality, if only for a heartbeat. These things take away from that experience. Hence, I've never been a big Lomo fan but I recognize others are and they do make some neat novelty products. Hey, whoever's contributing to the medium, right? Even better if they're doing so here.

We got a Lomo store:

On February 18th, 2010, the first Lomography Gallery Store and official Lomography Embassy will open its doors on the West Coast! To mark the event and usher in the new era of Lomography in Los Angeles, we are planning a huge celebration with an ocean of drinks, live Mariachi music, tacos and tamales, and even dancers! And we would like to invite you to join the fiesta! The festivities will begin at 7:00pm, and run until we are out of drinks! Space on the guestlist is limited, so to ensure your spot at the party, send an RSVP to now!

Lomography Gallery Store LA
7998 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90049

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