Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quote of the Week - Paul Graham

"And hopefully I will carry on, and develop it, because it is worthwhile. Carry on because it matters when other things don't seem to matter so much: the money job, the editorial assignment, the fashion shoot. Then one day it will be complete enough to believe it is finished. Made. Existing. Done. And in its own way: a contribution, and all that effort and frustration and time and money will fall away. It was worth it, because it is something real, that didn't exist before you made it exist: a sentient work of art and power and sensitivity, that speaks of this world and your fellow human beings place within it. Isn't that beautiful?"

- Paul Graham


Todd Walker said...

Man, Paul Graham is kicking so much ass these days. That Aperture interview republished on SeeSaw was completely challenging and affirming and inspiring. Challenging because I'm not doing enough to make work in the vein he describes. Affirming because he makes me realize there is someone else out there thinking about photography in the same vector. And inspiring because his love for the medium makes me love it too and want to get out there and shoot shoot shoot!

J. Wesley Brown said...

Agreed, though I'm admittedly not versed enough in his work. I appreciate the ability to bounce around more than others. This quote hit me hard and is posted in my cubicle (which stops me from shooting, shooting, shooting as much as I would otherwise...)

guilherme said...

I see him as someone who really understand the way photography should go.Instead of just shooting without thinking about what you are doing.

Andrew said...

Paul Graham is an example of refreshing honesty that see in many British born photographers. They might be commercial, but their philosophy is ground in humility and some self-effacing modesty.

Two other UK photographers whose comments have made me think:

Kate Kirkwood

Samuel Bradley