Friday, December 3, 2010

Quote of the Week - John Szarkowski

"Nevertheless, I think that we held similar basic ideas about a curator's responsibilities. I'm sure that we all felt that it was our job to try to recognize what was good--what was most vital--in photography's past and present, and to bring that work, at its best and as clearly as we could, to its potential audience. Since we were different people working in different times we interpreted that charge in somewhat different ways, but surely we all regarded ourselves as critics and teachers, not as census takers."

- John Szarkowski

There's a great Spanish word, ojal√°, which means something like "but that it were true."



Jack said...

Actually, ojala is more like "God willing"

J. Wesley Brown said...

You're right, Jack, if you go back far enough to the moorish influence but in today's terms, I'd leave out God, especially if you're in Spain.

David Simonton said...

Could you please provide some context for this quotation? As it stands the "we" is vague, which makes your response a bit unclear as well. I think I get your meaning, but I'd like to be sure. Thanks.

J. Wesley Brown said...

ADavid - We refers to himself, Beaumont Newhall and Steichen. I provided a link to the original context (via) on the post.