Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MOPLA - Fresh Look Portfolio Reviews and opening reception on Saturday

UPDATE: They've changed this to be an online first come, first served signup one week prior to the event.

The first annual Month of Photography Los Angeles, aka MOPLA kicks off this Saturday with what is sure to be an excellent projection of night photography in LA, including works by Amanda Friedman, who I've featured before. MOPLA is put on by the Lucie Foundation.

Included in the list of events is a portfolio review called Fresh Look. I thought about signing up for the reviews, as the list of reviewers is actually quite impressive.

And then I saw this in the FAQ section:

6. How do I sign up to meet with a particular reviewer?

Due to the nature of democracy (don't they mean anarchy?), there will be a first come first serve sign up list an hour prior to start of the review. You will be able to sign in based upon availability. The sign up list will close 20 minutes before the start of the review so that we can provide the reviewers the names of photographers with whom they will be reviewing.

Is anyone else imagining a group of 60-80 photographers surrounding a table with a list on it pushing and shoving to make their $250 entry fee count? Why in the world would they choose to do it this way in lieu of the standard lottery system, where you're at least guaranteed to get a couple of your top choices? If you still want to participate, the deadline to sign up is Friday April 3rd.

MOPLA's official opening event - Saturday April 4th

Frank Pictures Gallery Bergamont Station
2525 Michigan Ave.
Santa Monica, CA

7-10 PM

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Anonymous said...

You are right. Fresh look should not be the same as all the other portfolio reviews.

We are open to ideas and suggestion to make Fresh Look better.

I thank you for your suggestion. I will run it by other photographer that signed up and see if they would like your idea. If they like that we will implement it. We want to make sure that Fresh Look works for all of photographers and they benefit from it and they are happy with the process.

thanks again,
Hossein Farmani