Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feature - JUCO

Fashion team JUCO is made up of Julia Galdo (who was born in the same little town that I was) and Cody Cloud, whose art project I previously featured here.  Individually talented, they make an excellent team.  I'm particularly drawn to their work because I feel it is a great mix of art and fashion photography.

Interview with Julia the  here.


caleb condit said...

I just lost myself for the last two hours reading your post, the link you posted and the work on the Juco site. This was really great because the work is solid, the artist is honest about using film and digital and why, and talks in depth about narrative and its importance to their work. And then goes on to talk about the dynamic of working collaboratively and how they both fit together. So interesting.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Yeah, whenever I saw photog teams before I'd say to myself, "What, do you both press the shutter button or something?" but now I get it a bit more.