Thursday, February 3, 2011

American Dollhouse

"American Dollhouse is Manic and Muse’s first production event– a theatrical exhibit that will transform an art gallery into a life-size dollhouse circa 1955. Fusing together performance, music and art installation, American Dollhouse will give audiences the opportunity to explore the various rooms of the iconic dollhouse, witnessing the private lives of the family that inhabits it."

Gallery Godo
6749 San Fernando Road #C
Glendale, CA

January 28th, 8pm
January 29th, 8pm
Feb 3rd, 8pm
Feb 4th, 8pm
Feb 5th, 8pm


Ryan Schude
Lauren Randolph
Tamar Levine
Tanit Sakakini
Leah Johnston
John Mahoney
Bethany Pratt
Alan DeForest
Sophia Gasparian
Greg Gould
Andrew Sapala
Robert Richards
Andre Movsesyan
Vaan Manoukian
Matthew Edwards
Candice Yoo
Jian Lee
Lauren Darla Carroll
Colter Freeman
Mateo Saucedo

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