Thursday, February 3, 2011

Opening Saturday: Malick Sidibé @ M+B

I really loved Malick Sidibé: Bamako Style at Olivia Aruana Gallery during PhotoEspana 09 (the show took the festival's biggest prize) so I'm excited to attend the opening of The Eye of Bamako at M+B this Saturday from 6-8pm.

612 N. Almont Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

"In the West people have to have all this stuff to be happy, but we don’t have this system. But physical poverty doesn’t mean moral poverty. In Africa we have moral riches and happiness in our hearts."

It shows in his photos. Sidibé is one of Africa's great photographers.

Lensculture interview

Studio and darkroom visit here
NYT commissioned fashion shoot here

Images Copyright Malick Sidibé

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