Thursday, February 3, 2011

Auction to Benefit Larchmont Charter Schools

I've always been infuriated that schools in different areas receive different levels of funding based on property tax revenue. It goes against the basic tenant of our founding as a country, that all men (and especially children) were created equal.

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Michael Sebastian said...

Wesley, another tenet of our Founding was federalism, wherein most decisions affecting daily life are made at the local-most level, with State and Federal governments having only limited, enumerated powers---among which was not found the power to fund the education of children.

So local funding of schools---to the extent that this is a proper function of any government---comports entirely with the founders' Federalist conception of this nation.

That said, charters are a welcome step away from the bureaucracy and mediocrity that beset many, if not most, "traditional" public schools, which are run for the benefit of everyone but the students they purport to serve.

J. Wesley Brown said...

I don't really want to get into a political debate on here, Michael but I'm well-aware of the tenets of our founding, having majored in Government/Diplomacy at a University that is renowned for such studies.

Keep in mind that at the time of our founding, most children were educated at home, if at all and that minorities had no rights. I'm not one to expect the founding fathers to have created a perfect document that would take all future events and manifestations of culture, technology etc. into consideration but rather, consider the the Constitution a living document that they intended for us to modify to suit current needs.