Friday, February 27, 2009

Add to your RSS reader to receive their excellent weekly list (Thursdays) of art related happenings around LA over the weekend and into the week. A must for anyone looking to keep up to speed on art in Los Angeles.

From the site: is an Los Angeles-based art blog published by Bode Media Inc. Founded by Caryn Coleman, abLA was the first city-specific art blog born out of the desire to discuss and promote the vital, growing, and expansive art scene in Los Angeles. Since its beginnings in early 2004 posts on abLA have pertained to upcoming art exhibitions, reviews, interviews, artist features, and news briefings all with a strong editorial voice from selected diverse writers and guest bloggers. was voted a top art blog by Art in America in 2004, was added to Google News in early 2005, and included in Forbes Magazine’s Best of the Web 2005 in addition to being featured in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Weekly, Magazine, amongst others.

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I love from the good ol' days before the current management. Back then, Caryn Coleman would engage the community but today it is just cut-and-dry list of events. Though there are some great listings I don't find anywhere else !